How much is Kwizkid?



For all who want to see if we don't sell you crap anyway! ;-)

  • Simple interface for quiz setup
  • Fast evaluation and ranking
  • Unlimited number of players and quizzes
  • maximum 5 questions
  • maximum 5 teams
  • Advertising on player side

25€/ quiz

For all those who like to do it once and do not want to advertise!

  • All features from Lite
  • 5 question types
  • no question limitation
  • maximum 10 teams
  • ad-free

79€/ month (1)

For those who do it more than 3 times a month! Without limits!

  • All features from Basic
  • Access to question database
  • Add more supporters for the evaluation
  • All question types
  • no team limitation
  • Ability to schedule quiz rounds and create them for later
  • Add your own logo
(1) Prices including VAT

You need even more?

You are looking for a special solution that is not covered by any of our packages? No problem! Our team consists of absolute professionals who will find the right solution for every request. The best thing is to contact us right away!

Questions and Answers

Will my credit card information be stored?

No, we do not see, process or store your credit card information. All payment data is processed by our payment provider to ensure maximum security.

Can I cancel monthly or annually?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on Kwizkid. After the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged for the next billing cycle. You will continue to have the benefits of your current subscription until it expires.

Why is Kwizkid free? Will it remain free in the future?

Our free plan will always remain free. We are passionate about what we do and we want our product to be accessible to everyone. We also believe that if we make a good product, our current free users will become our loyal customers in the future.

How many questions can I ask with the free account?

In the free version you can use Kwizkid up to 5 questions for free!

What if I change my mind after upgrading?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Kwizkid subscription at any time. When you upgrade, the credit from your current plan is transferred to the new plan, so you pay less.

What if I need a special offer that is not pictured?

You need a customized solution? No problem! Just contact us and together we will work out an offer according to your wishes.