We love Quizzes!

Whether it's in the pub, at work or with friends at home: What could be better than a quizzing the night away together? But how do you organise a good quiz event? Who can help with the content, the flow, the evaluation? Isn't there an app for that? Yes, there is! 😉 By the way: "Kwizkid" (kwɪz kɪd) is a combination of the words "quiz" and "whiz-kid", but you've probably already guessed that...

The Kwizkids


Click Architect

In his roles as Product Owner and Full-Stack Developer, Jan sets the direction for the development of our app. With an analytical mind and a flair for innovative solutions, he forms the conceptual and technical backbone of Kwizkid.


The Guy With The Crayons

As a front-end developer and designer, Stefan keeps an eye on both the big picture and the smallest details. Hiding complexity behind a simple interface is the motto.


Perpetual Content Machine

The knowledge of Lukas, our master of quizmasters, goes deeper than the Mariana Trench. He makes sure that as many people as possible use Kwizkid and that our quiz database is always bursting with questions.


Code Puppeteer

Pimm works mainly behind the scenes: As a backend programmer, he ensures that everything works smoothly. Implementing complex software architecture in a performant and expandable way is an art he masters perfectly.


Host Whisperer

At the interface between sales and support, Manuela shines through her dual function. She makes sure that as many hosts as possible get to know Kwizkid so that they can always deliver a perfect show.