Create your own quiz - how it works

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Freetext AI

AI can help with your quiz content!

Create engaging questions for your audience in just a few steps. Just provide a topic and the AI will do the rest!

Offline question

Drawings or other interactive ideas are to be presented? For that you need the offline questions.

True / False

Lies have short legs when you separate the correct answers from the wrong ones.

Free text / poem

If you want to create whole poems, essays and more, you need the free text!


You want to put something in the right order. Take a sorting question!

Multiple choice

Answer A, B, C or answer D? No idea, but in case of doubt always answer C!


The best way to find out how many rhinos there are in the world is to ask a guessing question!


Attention creative round. Let users upload their own pictures to answer the question!

Free input

For bright minds that don't need answer choices, the open-ended questions are suitable.


Everything in one place

Before you start your quiz, you can find all the important information on this page: How long will your quiz probably take? How many teams are already online? You also have the option to display your quiz on an external screen or to invite your co-hosts.

Players view

Your quiz, your pace

You control when questions are revealed and how long your audience is able to answer them. Add notes, give hints, reveal correct answers and guide through the award ceremony. As the host, you set the pace!

Während des Quizzes
Während des Quizzes

What makes a good quiz?

  • Exciting entertainment
  • Creative questions
  • A good host

What do I have to pay attention to when creating questions?

  • Be creative, don't make it too easy for your players
  • Use several question types
  • pay attention to diversity in your questions

Common mistakes in moderation?

  • bad preparation
  • Monotony
  • bad jokes
  • Moderate in pants only

Super fast evaluation

While you are moderating, many of your questions are automatically evaluated in the background. You can complete the evaluation both during the quiz, and after the last question. To speed up the process, we use machine learning to give you suggestions about which answers are likely to be right or wrong.

Pen & Paper
normales Onlinetool
* Sample quiz with 15 questions, different question types, 40 players
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And the winner is ...

As the host, you are the first to see the ranking. It’s up to you to reveal all the places at once, or to reveal them individually to keep up the suspense! The choice is yours!

And the winner is ...
And the winner is ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers! In our FAQs, you will find all the important information at a glance. Clear and understandable.

How can cheating be avoided on kwizkid?

To prevent cheating, the questions should be designed to be targeted and challenging. However, it is difficult to completely prevent cheating for many questions. This challenge exists not only on digital platforms but also in traditional games with pen and paper. Essentially, every competition is based on the premise of fair and honest participation. kwizkid relies on the integrity of the players and ensures that the competition takes place on a respectful and fair level.

Does every team member need their own device?

No, not every team member needs their own device. It is sufficient if one team member registers the team and thus uses one device for registration and submission of answers. How many team members log into the respective team is up to the team leader. Flexibility is the key to making participation as easy and accessible as possible.

Is there a single-player mode?

kwizkid is ideal for competing as a team against other teams. But you can also compete as a single player. Just create your own team and skip the additional team invitations.

How long are the questions visible or editable for the players?

Questions can generally be answered throughout the game. In a quiz with 10 questions, it is possible to answer or change question 1 later in the game. As a host, you can lock individual questions at any time. Once this happens, no answers can be entered or changed.

Do I have to click save every time I enter something?

No. All inputs are synchronized live. Every entry is saved directly so that all players can see what has been typed simultaneously. No additional click to save is necessary :)