I am a ...

Being together, no matter where you are

With Kwizkid you play together with your friends all over the world.

Just have fun

Join as a team

If you are invited to a quiz, you will receive a link where you can register your team with your team name. This way you get a personal team link, which you and your team members can use to fill in your answers together. Everything is live: What you type in is seen by your teammates - and vice versa.

Easy access

Finding the right answers together

Once the moderator has started the round, he will unlock the questions bit by bit - depending on the quiz format, sometimes a song to be recognized will be added. Don't worry if you're going too fast: All revealed questions remain available and can still be edited at any time.


You're not alone

Via a common video call or the integrated chat you can coordinate with your team members at any time or get information or support from the moderator.

Better together

Quick evaluation and award ceremony

With the Kwizkid platform, the evaluation is child's play and usually takes less than a quarter of an hour, even with many participating teams and despite free answer fields. Even in the subsequent award ceremony, the moderator can maintain the tension, because he can control when which placement is revealed.

As if by itself