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The Preparation

With Kwizkid you can easily create your own quizzes.
Whether for corporate events, quizzes for small and large groups or the game night with friends. Simply select the question type, create your question or take the questions from our crass database!

The Preparation

Lots of cool question types

Free input

For bright minds that don't need answer choices, the open-ended questions are suitable.


Attention creative round. Let users upload their own pictures to answer the question!


The best way to find out how many rhinos there are in the world is to ask a guessing question!

Multiple choice

Answer A, B, C or answer D? No idea, but in case of doubt always answer C!


You want to put something in the right order. Take a sorting question!

Free text / poem

If you want to create whole poems, essays and more, you need the free text!

True / False

Lies have short legs when you separate the correct answers from the wrong ones.

Offline question

Drawings or other interactive ideas are to be presented? For that you need the offline questions.

Mega large database
coming soon

Can't think of any super cool questions right now? No problem. We've already done that for you. So check out what our database has to offer.

  • ready-formulated premium questions and matching answers
  • over 100,000 questions from a wide range of topics
  • Search per tag
  • All questions go through quality control
  • continuously new questions
Mega large database

The Moderation

Create moderation according to your needs. Open one question after another or create a test where all questions are visible from the beginning. Make your own notes and guide through your quiz!

Use the versatility of Kwizkid in various application areas. No matter if as live quiz, online or hybrid. With Kwizkid you as a moderator are location-independent.

What makes a good quiz?

  • exciting entertainment
  • creative questions
  • a good moderator

What do I have to pay attention to when creating questions?

  • Be creative when creating questions
  • Resort to several types of questions
  • Look for diversity in the questions

Common mistakes in moderation?

  • Poor preparation
  • Monotony
  • bad jokes
  • Moderate in pants

Evaluation and award ceremony

Everything happens in the background

Evaluate with open questions and still finish within the shortest possible time? Kwizkid makes it possible. Thanks to our AI-supported technology, our system is constantly learning and allows you to complete the evaluation within a few minutes, even with a large number of teams. The evaluation can also be followed live by the participants.

Evaluation and award ceremony
Pen & Paper (2-3 hours)
Other Online-Quiz Tools (1 hour)
Kwizkid (15 minutes)
* Sample quiz with 15 questions, different question types, 40 players

With Kwizkid, you have enormous time advantages over pen and paper or other quiz providers, especially with open-ended questions. The evaluation of open questions is up to 50 times faster compared to pen and paper. And since time is money, you can imagine how much money you actually save with Kwizkid!

The award ceremony (also in between)

With the Kwizkid platform, the evaluation is child's play and usually takes less than 10 minutes, even with many participating teams and despite free answer fields. Even in the following award ceremony, the moderator can maintain the tension, because he can control when which placement is revealed.