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Create your own quiz and challenge the knowledge of your guests – no matter where they are.
With the Kwizkid build kit you will become a quiz show master in no time.

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Play with your friends – alone or as a team – from the comfort of your couch, a park or a pub. Get started now,
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No matter if you're a newbie or an experienced hosting pro: bring your ingenious quiz ideas to life with just a few clicks.

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We'll support you from preparation to award ceremony, so you'll have just as much fun as your players.

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Have fun racking your brain

Played alone or in a team, brain sport has never been more entertaining.
As soon as the host reveals a question, all team members can cooperatively prove their knowledge. Open answers give room for creative questions, where everyone is involved and can contribute. Even during evaluation the entertainment continues, as all players receive live feedback regarding progress and correctness of their answers. Players stay on the edge of their seat, even during the award ceremony, where the host successively reveals the winners.

Open answers
Open answers
Open answers
Size matters
Name the 5 largest Italian cities sorted by number of inhabitants from large (=1) to small (=5).

Your personal production crew

The host can focus on entertainment, Kwizkid will do the rest

Delivering a good show is demanding enough, the technology should then please just work. Kwizkid is intuitive for presenters and players alike, it guides and supports through the entire quiz process: planning, creating, playing, scoring and awarding.

Full control for the host

The fun event for companies

Bringing people together, regardless of location

As a team building event for your company or to increase foot traffic for your venue – a quiz inspires people and brings them together. Whether purely digital, on-site or even as a hybrid event: Kwizkid turns every quiz into an unforgettable event.
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Bringing people together
In color and colorful
What five modern artists have you recognized?

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