Team building, entertainment or customer magnet

The digital quiz
for your business

Teasing your brain with others inspires communication and brings people together. We are adapting this proven recipe for the digital world, ensuring accessibility regardless of location and background.

No matter if it's 10, 200 or more participants: your customers, guests or colleagues will be thrilled.

Bring people together

Entertaining remote team building

Move decentralized teams closer together

In a team quiz, you only succeed through cooperation. This promotes communication and removes barriers – both spatial and organizational. Balanced questions ensure that everyone can contribute something, feel included and have a good time.

Our experienced hosts will support you from planning your event to the award ceremony. Question catalog and music selection can be tailored to your company and wishes.

Stronger together

An interactive quiz to entertain your guests

The highlight of every event

For your Christmas party, a summer party, a congress or a conference: a quiz on the schedule ensures a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant change of pace.

Subject matter, duration, number of participants – all can be tailored to your needs. Thanks to digital integration, the live event can easily be extended to multiple locations.

Wow your guests

Customer magnet on weaker days

More guests for your venue

Traditional offline pub quizes have gained popularity providing guest entertainment to increase customer frequency on weaker days.

Adding the digital dimension in a hybrid event works even better, because it makes the execution in the venue smoother and improves the experience for the players.

Most importantly, it removes spatial boundaries:
Each quiz also functions as digital marketing for your venue, raising awareness and increasing sales in the long-term.

Customer magnet