The best quiz maker at your fingertips

Extensive database

Kwizkid has a huge database with over 100,000 questions from various categories, with which you can create a professional quiz in minutes. You can choose from over half a dozen question types.

Free input

For bright minds that don't need answer choices, the open-ended questions are suitable.


Attention creative round. Let users upload their own pictures to answer the question!


The best way to find out how many rhinos there are in the world is to ask a guessing question!

Multiple choice

Answer A, B, C or answer D? No idea, but in case of doubt always answer C!


You want to put something in the right order. Take a sorting question!

Free text / poem

If you want to create whole poems, essays and more, you need the free text!

True / False

Lies have short legs when you separate the correct answers from the wrong ones.

Offline question

Drawings or other interactive ideas are to be presented? For that you need the offline questions.

Super quick evaluations

Forget pen and paper tests. Thanks to our AI-supported evaluation, the results are available within a very short time. No matter whether with multiple choice or open questions!

Time saving

pen & paper
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* Sample quiz with 15 questions, different question types, 40 players

Real team feeling

You want the quiz to take place in different locations? No problem! With Kwizkid you play together with your friends and colleagues all over the world! The team mode of Kwizkid provides the basis for online, offline or hybrid events.